FS: 10vt EFI conversion components, MC parts, 2871 Turbo

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FS: 10vt EFI conversion components, MC parts, 2871 Turbo

Postby jretal » Tue Jul 07, 2020 5:03 pm

If interested in anything, post or email: <b>jretal at gmail dot com</b>

Pieces for sale:

1) ARP main/crank hardware - $50
2) Powder Coated timing covers (red) - $40
3) Powder Coated Valve Cover (w/ new gasket) - $40
4) 034 Crank Pulley w/ 60-2 wheel - $100 This was new from 034, and has MAYBE 10k miles on it, if that. The 60-2 wheel is the updated design, but I had it welded to the pulley b/c the tiny screws kept breaking on the track
5) Custom Fuel rail w/ injectors (55lb green top) and inserts to cylinder head - $100
6) Throttle Body modified to clear fuel rail - $50
7) MC1 distributor w/ new rotor - $40
8) New distributor cap w/ Magnecore wires (20-30k miles?) - $40
9) Garrett 2871 turbo - when the motor blew, something got sucked into the intake track (presumably via my catch can) and chewed up the impeller. Pic below is of the impeller. Everything spins w/o a wobble, and nothing wrong w/ the hotside impeller. There's a local company who is able to fully rebuild it that I can work w/ buyer if they'd like (and save you shipping, etc.). - let's talk on price

I will list more as I find more.

Here are pictures too, assuming they link correctly (imgur vs. google).

the powdercoated goodies (head/IM/EM/rods sold):


Fuel rail/injectors/inserts/throttle body:


And the munched impeller on the turbo:

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